Here at Dive Buddies we offer a range of  scuba diving experiences and courses for those who have never dived before to the more experience certified divers.

We have over 20 dive sites to choose from including shore, wall, wrecks and caves ranging from 7 to 40 meters. Weather, sea conditions and diver experience naturally dictate which you can dive.

We welcome and look forward to meeting and diving with people aged 10 years plus from all diving organisations from all over the world.

Partake in a certified PADI Diving course and you will joining the largest diving club in the world.

We believe that diving should be fun and we ensure that you will enjoy whatever you've chosen to do with us in a fun and relaxed yet professional environment. 

We appreciate that you are on your holiday and we will try work around your schedule where we can.

Our aim is for your dive experience to have enhanced your holiday.

Booking a dive or a course is easy with our online payment system. This can be found on our Diving Courses page and payments are made via Paypal. Or, if you prefer we take cash on the day.  

(Some courses may need full payment or a deposit prior to the day)

In order to save time on your holiday we do offer an E Learning facility where you can do all your theory coursework in your own time prior to coming out to Cala D'or and this means after passing the theory questions online you will only have to complete your 2 days of Open Water exams  meaning you have more time to explore the beautiful island of Majorca.

We are happy to highlight and educate on the aquatic life in the area.

We can where possible try to assist a diver with disabilities and so you can enjoy your diving experience in Majorca. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

We offer Free local transport to and from your accomodation to dive location.

***Please note that if you are diving depths of more than 10 meters you have to leave a minimum of 18 hours before flying***

Please be advised that in the peak season we are incredibly busy and early booking is essential. 




We offer daily diving for Certified divers. There are also PADI Courses should you wish to advance with your diving certifications.

We dive at 09.30 and 14.30  Monday to Saturday.


We can choose from numerous coves around Cala D'or and depending on your diving capabilites, certification and localised weather will depend on which cove we dive.

ONE to ONE diving tours and night dives are available.

Please contact us for further details and availability.


If it has been a while since your last dive and you are feeling a little rusty or of little experience we are more than happy to offer you a refresher dive to ease you back into the water without the worry of diving with those more experienced. 

Speciality courses are also available. Please contact us for more information on these. 

Due to Spanish law please see what depths we are legally allowed to dive.

This is also subject to their certification level.

  • 10 to 11 years  12 metres

  • 12 to 15 years  21 metres

  • 16 to 17 years   Licence allowance






We take divers from all all Diving Organisations.


We have Insurance covered with DAN (Diver Alert Network) fee dependent on how many days diving required or alternatively you must provide your own please bring a copy with you.


Children under 16 will have to have signed authorisation by their parent or legal guardian.