This Dive experience is the perfect program for those looking to try something new this year.

It is designed for those who have no experience with scuba diving, but want to know what it’s like to breathe underwater.

Whilst  this program is not an actual PADI certification course, it will open your eyes to new possibilities and give you a taste of how much fun it is to scuba dive.  We do offer Certified courses should you wish you advance further.

During the diving program, you’ll learn what it’s like to wear scuba equipment. Fun and safety is always guaranteed.

After a brief introduction you will then head out to one of the beautiful Calas in the area and dive in the sea at a depth of 5 to 6 metres, under strict supervision of our professional instructor Mathew.

Available 6 days a week - 09.30 and 13.30

Basic Requirements        - Be able to swim and over 10 years old. 

Please allow 3 hours.


This is a 2 day course.

The PADI Scuba Diver course is a subset of the PADI Open Water Diver course. If you’re short on time but really want to become a diver, the PADI Scuba Diver rating might be right for you ̶ particularly if you expect to go scuba diving primarily with a dive guide. This course is an intermediate step for earning an Open Water Diver certification, if that’s your ultimate goal.

PADI Scuba Divers are qualified to:

  • Dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional to a maximum depth of 12 metres/40 feet.

  • Obtain air fills, rent or purchase scuba equipment and participate in dive activities as long as properly supervised.

  • Continue dive training by completing the PADI Open Water Diver certification and taking certain specialty diver courses.

To enroll in a PADI Scuba Diver course (or Junior Scuba Diver course), you must be 10 years old or older. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required, but you can try it first through the Dive Experience program we offer.

Available  Mon - Sat  09:30 & 13.30

**All learning materials and PADI registration fees are excluded***



PADI Open Water Course (OW)

Our courses are taught in one location

We believe that you should spend more time in water…who wants to sit in a classroom all day?
All equipment, air fills, learning materials, logbook, certification is included in the course price. No hidden extras!
Your instructor Mathew is  professional with over 30 years diving experience.

Once you have completed the course with us you will be a PADI Open Water Diver with the skills and confidence to dive anywhere in the world (PADI is recognised around the globe) to 18 metres with a buddy!

The PADI Open Water course consists of three main phases -

Knowledge development to understand the basic principles of scuba diving.
Confined water dives to learn basic scuba skills. The Calas around Cala D'or are perfect to learn these skills.
Open Water dives to review your skills and explore the underwater world!
And that’s it - you are a PADI Open Water Diver!
You will be taken through these steps by our team of experienced Instructors, at your pace, in a relaxed, fun environment. Our unique location means all your training is done in one place..which means more time in the water for you!

The PADI Open Water course is run over four days.

As this is your holiday and we believe you wont want to spend 4 days diving away from your family or holiday plans you can do the theory side back in UK prior to your holiday. This reduces the course in Majorca to 2 days.  Please contact us about ELearning. 

Available on request.

Over 4 days* unless elearning has been completed back at home.

Mon - Sat 

Medical Certificate is required dated in the past 24 months.

**All learning materials and PADI registration fees are excluded***


PADI Advanced Open Water Course (AOW)


Exploration, Excitement, Experiences.

 They’re what the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about. And no, you don’t have to be “advanced” to take it – it’s designed so you can go straight into it after the PADI Open Water Diver


The Advanced Open Water Diver course helps you increase your confidence and build your scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water. 

This is a great way to get more dives under your belt while continuing to learn under the supervision of our PADI Instructor. 

This course builds on what you’ve learned and develops new capabilities by introducing you to new activities and new ways to have fun scuba diving.


You’ll hone your skills by completing five adventure dives that introduce you to:

Between two and three days required.

Available on request.

What is included?

Cylinders, weigths, educational material (student manual and diving tables) and certification fee

What is required?

Internationally recognised certificate / Does not expire / You can dive up to 30 metres depth without being accompanied by a dive guide or an instructor (up to 40 metres with additional training for deep diving) / You can make night dives and wreck dives, etc. You can continue with the “Rescue Diver “course.

**All learning materials and PADI registration fees are excluded***


You already have your diving licence but you have not practised for quite a while and you want to refresh your skills in order to get your confidence back. You will have a class of rehearsal theory and a dive in the sea under the supervision of an instructor practising and going over the different diving techniques and exercises of the “Open Water Diver” course.


    Cylinders, weights and the educational material.


    Half a day.



This course will give you security and will train you to be a responsible diver in order to solve any problem that may occur with yourself or your buddies during a dive.


  • Cylinder, weights, educational material (student manual and diving tables) and certification fee.


    Between three and five days.


    Internationally recognized certificate / Does not expire / You can continue onto the “Divemaster“ course, the first professional diving level.


  • Be at least 12 years old, have at least the “Advanced Open Water Diver” certificate or an equivalent of any other diving organisation, have at least 20 dives and having accomplished the RCP and the First Aid course within the last two years.

**All learning materials and PADI registration fees are excluded***